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Newquay Cornwall 2018

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About Me

Cooking was never something i envisaged i would have a career in. I don't come from a foodie family nor did i spend my childhood cooking wonderful things with family members. I guess you could say it found me.

After 8 years of waitressing i quit my restaurant manger job to become a commis chef for yorkshire chef Tim Bilton at The Butchers Arms in Hepworth. I had no cooking experience whatsoever but i was hungry to learn.

Working alongside Tim in those early days i picked up skills and techniques very quickly. I wanted to be better than the other chefs, faster, cleaner and stronger. My obsession and dedication paid off as less than 2 years later i became Head Chef at the Butchers Arms. 


Tim pushed me to do better and be better and those skills and lessons have guided me through kitchens for the last 10 years, for which i am forever grateful.


In 2012 i took part in BBC's Masterchef: The professionals.. This was a monumental experience that boosted my confidence and pushed me to beginning my private dining business in Yorkshire, along with a successful supper club.


After leaving The Butchers I worked in many  different restaurants in Yorkshire, but in 2014 i decided to take a leap and move to Cornwall.


It was here that i took the job as Head Chef of Lusty Glaze Beach in Newquay. A job that encompassed a restaurant, cafe, wedding venue & gig venue in a horshoe cove in Newquay. This role gave me the biggest challenge running a huge food operation, dealing with a high volume with upto 2000 people on gig days.

After 2 years at Lusty Glaze i relaunched my private dining business here in Cornwall which has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. 

I currently hold the position of Executive Chef for The Lewinnick Lodge, Newquay and The Plume of Feather's Mitchell. A job that covers 30 staff over 2 venues, managing the complete food operations, including GPs, wage budgets, stocktaking, menu design & recipe development.

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